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FirstClass® Client

FirstClass® enables you to experience the power of reliable communication, collaboration, conferencing, and calendaring capabilities in one easy-to-use solution.  
The FirstClass® Client software provides a desktop application that is optimized for fast, streamlined access to the FirstClass® server.

FirstClass ClientChoose the version you want to install.

FirstClass GO Client for Mobile Devices
Our Address for FirstClass GO is:
If your computer already has a previously installed or earlier version of FirstClass Client, be sure to Exit out of FirstClass to close your current version of the client, otherwise you will see a “File is Locked” error during the client install. If you see a “File is Locked” error then look for the FirstClass icon in the system tray, next to the clock in the lower right corner and select "Exit." Be sure to "expand" the system tray if you don't see the FirstClass icon.

If this is the first time installing FirstClass Client on your computer, you will need to enter our school’s address.
1.  Expand the login window by clicking on the Advanced button.
2.  In the box beside Address, type: (FirstClass Client will add “.fc” to the end of the address).
3.  In the boxes beside User ID and Password, type in your userame and password provided to you by the school

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